Wegler Vizslas
2010 VCA Nationals Penny 4th Pl.NFC Dixie 2nd Pl. NAFC
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The winner of the 2007 Midwest Vizsla Futurity
was Wegler’s Kember Kayla FDSB #1590747
bred and handled by Greg Wegler. Kayla was
scouted by Mike Dalby. Kayla ran in the 4th
brace which ran mid-morning cooler
temperatures with just a little wind. Kayla ran an
explosive on the edge shooting dog race. Her
breakaway cast went all the way to the back of
the course at break neck speed. She ran
aggressively to logical objectives and had
several finds in the tree line along the orchard.
Her pointing was full of typical derby dog style.
Kayla finished strong with a cast down through
the orchard all the way to the road. Kayla is out
of dam FC AFC Rebel Rouser Kemberly who also
was the 2003 Midwest Vizsla Futurity winner
and sired by Viesoo’s Little Red Oscar. She was
born 10/13/05 and was seventeen months old at
the time the MVF was held.
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At the 2010 VCA National Championships our own FC Wegler Penny
Lane took 4th place in the NFC out of 59 Vizslas. Her littermate FC AFC
Tommy's Dixie Chick took 2nd place in the NAFC out of 45 Vizslas.
These 2 females were from our breeding that had sire 3X NAFC 2X RU
NFC FC Tommy Boy and the dam our own FC AFC Rebel Rouser
Kemberly. See pic above. Both achieved FC titles this spring. Penny is
really on a roll winning the next 4 trials she ran since the nationals
capping off with her FC title. Penny also has placed in every limited
stake since the nationals.
New Field Champion & Amateur Field Champion
FC Wegler Penny Lane "Penny" finished her Field Champion title winning a 3 point major Open
Gun Dog stake at our own VCOI spring field trial. Owned by Greg & Sharon Wegler and handled by
Greg in the stake. She also had a 4th place in the NFC open at our last VCA Nationals Ft. Robinson
Nebraska out of 59 Vizslas run in the NFC. She is out of sire 3X NVA NAFC 2X NVA NFC RU FC
Tommy Boy and our own dam FC AFC Rebel Rouser Kemberly.
Roy is now a AKC Field Champion & Amateur FC!
2011 VCA National Derby Champion
2012 VCA NFC runner up
2013 VCA NGDC Award of Merit.
Sired 11 litters of pups who have following titles:
2016 VCA National Champion
2014 VCA National Derby RU
2014 Midwest Vizsla Futurity Winner
2015 Field Champion
2011 VCA National Derby Classic
Winner Wegler's Crown Royal "Roy"
Roy had a very good year in 2012. I will bullet point his accomplishments:

* Won the 2011 VCA National Derby.
* Was the Runner Up in the 2012 VCA National Championship NFC.
* Won 4 gun dog stakes in 2012
* Came in 2nd 6 times and had a 3rd & 4th gun dog stakes.
* Currently # 3 on the VCA top ten list in Open.
* Has 12 points toward FC title needing a major to finish.
* Has 9 points toward AFC title needing 1 retrieving point to finish.
* Sired 8 litters of pups.
* Roy is only 2 years 9 months old.
Wegler's Crown Royal "Roy" was the 2012
VCA National Open NFC Runner Up!!